Linda was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, where she wrote and directed her first musical

comedy at 16.  Based on the comic strip "L'il Abner" and performed  by teenagers for an audience of hundreds, she beat the first performance of Broadway's "L'il Abner" musical by 30 years! 

Her first children's book, originally meant for her own children, was waiting for the arrival of self-publishing and her three grandchildren.  Told in rhyme and accompanied by colorful, humorous illustrations, I've Been Dirty and I've Been Clean...and Clean is Better! (You know what I mean?) is a dream finally realized.

A language arts teacher and artist, she writes song lyrics, poems, plays,  stories,  speeches, parodies and anything else that involves playing with language and ideas in a light-hearted way.

Linda lives in sunny, mile-high Denver, Colorado, where she gathers story-writing inspiration from interacting with her grandchildren and students as well as from her keen understanding of the child that lives within all of us regardless of our

chronological age. 


Linda Siegel Carney